Washington Social Security Disability Video Library

How the Judge Determines Disability in Washington State
Seeking Social Security disability benefits in Washington state but aren't sure if you would be found disabled under the rules of the Social Security Administration? Disability lawyer Christopher Lyons can help. This video explains how judges from the Washington Social Security Administration use rules and regulations to determine disability in Washington state and elsewhere.

Washington disability lawyer Christopher Lyons presents this video helping you answer the question, "Am I likely to qualify for Social Security disability benefits in Washington state?"

Before heading into an important meeting with a judge, claimants will want to know What Not to Do at Your Disability Hearing. Washington Social Security disability lawyer Christopher Lyons knows the pitfalls to avoid. Watch this video for useful advice about the hearing.

What you say to the judge during your disability hearing can sometimes decide whether or not you will receive benefits. But how can you best convince the judge about your inability to work? Washington disability lawyer Christopher Lyons presents this video, How to Be Persuasive at Your Hearing, which has the answers you need to be successful.

What activities can you do during a typical day? Perhaps you can go to the store for groceries, but need the help of a friend or family member. How should you convey this information to the judge during your hearing? Watch How to Best Describe Your Daily Activities to learn how you can explain the limitations your disability has on your day-to-day life.

Are you interested in trying to work during your disability application process? Generally this is a neutral factor, neither helping nor harming your case, but many claimants still wonder, "Can I work part-time and not lose my benefits?" Watch this video for answers.

Some claimants cannot work because they have both a physical impairment and some kind of mental issue, such as depression, nervousness, or anxiety. Watch this video to find out what to do When You Have Physical Impairments and Mental Limitations.