What to Expect in the Social Security Hearing Room

Forget the fancy courtrooms you’ve seen on television. A Social Security hearing room is just a small conference room with a conference table. Most hearing rooms have a desk raised just above the conference table for the judge to sit. The judge’s assistant might have a small table in the room. The room may have an American flag and a Social Security Administration seal. A Washington State Social Security disability attorney will advise you about your disability hearing.

Social Security hearing rooms contain sound equipment to record hearings. Because your testimony will be recorded, make sure you speak clearly when you answer questions. The microphones are very sensitive and will likely record your testimony from anywhere in the room. However, the microphones won’t record you shaking your head or pointing to a body part. If you point to your body, also be sure to say aloud what part of your body you are pointing to. Be sure to answer with “yes” and “no” answers, instead of “uh huh” and “huh uh,” so the recording is as clear as possible.

For advice about your Social Security disability claim, contact Washington State Social Security disability attorneys at Truitt & Lyons.