How much does it cost to use a Washington State Social Security disability attorney or veterans’ disability attorney?

For both Social Security disability and veterans’ disability cases, Truitt & Lyons’ attorney fees are contingent, which means that I am paid only if you are awarded Social Security disability benefits or veterans’ disability benefits.

Social Security disability benefits

For Social Security disability benefits, the contingent fee is 25% of your back benefits up to a maximum amount set by the Social Security Administration. Back benefits are benefits that have accumulated and are owed to you by the time you are found disabled by the Social Security Administration and begin to be paid. No attorney fees are paid from your current or future monthly Social Security disability benefits.

In addition to the contingent fee, I will ask you to reimburse Truitt & Lyons for any costs in obtaining your medical opinions, records, or similar items.

Veterans’ disability benefits

Generally, the usual fee (which follows the regulatory scheme) is 20% of your back benefits if you win your VA disability claim. You do not pay attorney fees unless you win and such fees would be automatically withheld from any retroactive award. No fees come out of future benefits.

Same as Social Security disability, you will be expected to reimburse Truitt & Lyons for any costs advances, such as the expense of gathering medical records, obtaining medical opinion letters, and the like.

I am available to answer any fee questions you have.

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